CCDS presents US, MS awards
CCDS presents US, MS awards

Grace Pettengill has received the Country Day Award, the highest honor given by Cincinnati Country Day School.

The award is given to a senior who demonstrates commitment to the pursuit of individual and academic excellence, and community service; a demonstrated capacity to lead by personal example; and a high standard of intellectual, social and moral integrity.

Following is a complete list of the 2016-17 school year awards presented during Upper and Middle School awards assemblies.

Country Day School Awards

Country Day Award

Grace Pettengill '17

Peter Levinson Memorial Award

Lorae Stojanovic '18

Class Scholar Awards

Julius Fleischmann Memorial Award (seniors)

Elizabeth Johnson

Herbert M. Davison Award (juniors)

Lorae Stojanovic and Tony Wen

Alumni Award (sophomores)

Molly Briggs, Steven Fatuzzo and Nellie Shih

Templeton Briggs Memorial Award (freshmen)

Anushka Nair and Abigail Smith

Athletic Awards

J. David McDaniel Outstanding Male Athlete

Myles Jackson '17

Shirley Heinichen Outstanding Female Athlete

Olivia Robinson '17

Letterman Leadership Award

Olivia Brown '17 and Nick Krammer '17

James A. Wright Sportsmanship Award

Grace Pettengill '17 and Will Brooks '17

Outstanding Female Underclassman

Joely Virzi '20

Outstanding Male Underclassman

Alec Hamall '19

Departmental Awards

Gordon R. Wright Science Award

Elizabeth Johnson '17

Bausch & Lomb Science Award

Lorae Stojanovic '18

Spanish Language Award

Grace Pettengill '17

Martha W. Burton Award in French

Lorae Stojanovic '18

Romance Languages Award

Megan Jarrell '18

Ash Mathematics Award

Elizabeth Johnson '17 and Kevin Yu '17

Lee S. Pattison History Award

Anna Beyette '17 and Will Brooks '17

Indian Hill Historical Society Outstanding Achievement in American History

Lorae Stojanovic '18

Robinson-Bye Award in English

Anna Beyette '17

David E. Laird Computer Science Award

Derek Stevens '18

Fine Arts Award in Music-Band

Will Swinton '17

Fine Arts Award in Music-Vocal

Anna Beyette '17

Fine Arts Award in Theatre

Liz Keller '17

William H. Chatfield Award

Jeremiah May '17

William Messer '66 Award

Clarissa Conner '18

Visual Arts Award

Grace Pettengill '17

Service and Community Awards

Tony Strauss Service Learning Award

Sophie Hudson '17

Fred Carey Memorial Award

Nicole Rosiello '17

Extracurricular Awards

Thomas D. Gettler '76 Creative Writing Award

Jordann Sadler '18

InWords Award

Natalie Choo '17 and Grace Pettengill '17

Patterson Prize for Poetry

Camila Bagley '17

Patterson Prize for Prose

Adam Peng '17

Archive Award

Emily Ray '18 and Josie Rutherford '18

Joseph F. Hofmeister Scroll Award

Ruth Kramer '18 and Hailey Spaeth '17

Scholastic Awards

Clement L. Buenger FISC Award

Jalen Mundy '17

Cum Laude Society Recognition

Class of 2017 inducted their junior year: Kyle Bannerman, Elizabeth Keller, Nicholas Krammer, Grace Pettengill, Hailey Spaeth, Kenneth Wang and Kevin Yu

Class of 2017 inducted this year: Christina Agostino, Anna Beyette, Natalie Choo, Elizabeth Johnson, Michael Masterson, Elizabeth Pease and John Tereck

Class of 2018 inducted this year: Max DelBello, Kaitlyn Hardesty, Isobel Hensley, Moya Ly, Daniel Nesbitt, Connor Pohl, Lorae Stojanovic and Tony Wen

National Merit Recognition

National Merit Corporate-Sponsored Scholarship Recipients

Elizabeth Johnson and Kevin Yu

National Merit Finalists

Elizabeth Keller, Michael Masterson, and Kenneth Wang

National Merit Commended Students

Jeremiah May, Vishaal Nalagatla, Hailey Spaeth and Kevin Yu

National Hispanic Scholar

Michael Masterson

U.S. Presidential Scholarship Candidate

Elizabeth Johnson

Middle School Awards

Eight students received the Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award, the highest award. It recognizes the boy and girl in each grade who exemplify the following qualities: positive attitude, dedication to school work and school activities, leadership, respect for others and kindness to everyone.

Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award

Eight students received the Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award, the highest award. It recognizes the boy and girl in each grade who exemplify the following qualities: positive attitude, dedication to school work and school activities, leadership, respect for others and kindness to everyone.

5th Grade-Ethan Boswell and Rory Miller

6th Grade-Jourdan Jones and Miller Mann

7th Grade-Hayden Bortz and Jade Abu Bakr

8th Grade-Rowan Castrucci and Michael Noack

Dr. Charles F. Clark Character Award

5th Grade-Emmy Parlin

6th Grade-Natalie Christine

7th Grade-Margaret Sprigg-Dudley

8th Grade-Molly Taylor

Charles F. Yeiser Scholar Award

5th Grade-Lucas de Alarcon

6th Grade-Sabrina Mihailescu and Gannon Gockerman

7th Grade-Kyle Eller

8th Grade-Lauren Donovan

Ramsey Runyon Wright Award

Jack Wright (8th grade)

Gilmore Award

Tommy Scheer (8th grade)

Class Scholar Awards

Herbert Snyder Award (8th)

Nora Brant, Sabrina DelBello, Celie Hudson, Michelle Riemann, Carson Smith, and Jack Wright

Bobby Pogue Prize (7th)

Isabella Belperio, Marissa Handler and Margaret Sprigg-Dudley

William H. Hopple, Jr. Award (6th)

Emil Hettich, Ben Jaccaci, Jourdan Jones and Erica Sotto

Departmental Awards

Eighth Grade Mathematics Award

Nora Brant, Sabrina DelBello, and Michelle Riemann

Eighth Grade Science Award

Wynton Jackson

Eighth Grade Writing Award

Ella Beyreis

Eighth Grade History Award

Taylor Pavlisko

Eighth Grade Fine Arts Awards

Performing Art-Grace Ramirez

Visual Art-Ella Gilbreath

Technical Theater-Connor Paff

National Spanish Exam

Eighth-Grade Medal Winners: Caroline Blang, Jasmine Gonzales and Lila Joffe

National French Contest

Seventh-Grade Grade level 01 silver medal winners: Marissa Handler, Cole Harten, Mimi Liao, and Alistair Norwood. Bronze medal winners: Jade Abu Bakr, and Zach DelBello

Eighth-Grade level 1 gold medals: Sabrina DelBello, Celie Hudson; Silver medal winners: Nora Brant, Skandda Chandrasekar, Wynton Jackson, Evey Kallmeyer, Eliza Osborn, Christian Page and Tommy Scheer. Bronze medal winners: Ella Beyreis, Frank Cai, and Daniel Ortega Lloret


Head of School Tony Jaccaci presents the Country Day Award to senior Grace Pettengill.

Winners of the Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award are, front row, from left, Jourdan Jones, Miller Mann, Ethan Boswell, Rory Miller and Jade Abu Bakr. Back, from left, are Hayden Bortz, Rowan Castrucci and Michael Noack. Lois Poe Rust and Theresa Hirschauer presented the awards.