CCDS Virtue teaches compassion, empathy
CCDS Virtue teaches compassion, empathy

#CCDX20: Virtue in Action

Acting on Country Day's motto, seventh- and eighth-graders students who are compelled to help and learn about others participated in the Virtue in Action class, which expanded their views on poverty, race and inequality affecting the Cincinnati area community.

Led by teachers Julia Joyce and Brittany Woods, students engaged in discussions with peers, and the class allowed them to go out into the world and make a difference for three of the five days. Participants volunteered at Brighton Center in Northern Kentucky, The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition in Over-the-Rhine and more.

Helping Goes a Long Way

CCDS Virtue students went to Brighton Center to help organize donated clothes, store donated food, and clean the building. After that, the group went to Homeward Bound, a shelter for teens who have run away from their homes or have been abused by their parents. They can live there for however long they need, but visiting made us count our blessings for our fortunate lives.

Living in Someone Else's Shoes

The CCDS Virtue group went to downtown Cincinnati to learn about the work of The Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coalition. They also learned about Cincinnati's changing history and the discrimination all kinds of different people have faced all throughout Cincinnati's history. Later that day, the group sold Street Vibes newspapers for two dollars, which for a person experiencing homelessness, may be their only source of income.

Becoming Teachers

The students visited Oyler Elementary School, a Cincinnati Public School, to teach first- and second-graders about the life cycles of frogs and butterflies. While there, the group took a tour of the school to see the dental, ocular, and medical clinics that the school provides for kids who can't get adequate health care. These clinics are very good, and they are like ones anyone can go to at another place. The group got to chat and have fun with the first- and second-graders on this very fun day.

Documenting their experiences

The students documented their week through videos and photos and created a video montage of their experiences helping others around the Tri-State.

Country Day delivers a balanced, whole-child experience that fosters students' academic and personal growth – because the person they become is as important as the knowledge they gain.