CCDS wins Spring Stock Market Game
CCDS wins Spring Stock Market Game

Stock Market performance has been on a roller coaster ride lately, but a team of CCDS students still won first place in the Spring Stock Market Game. The team was comprised of Clayton Blust, Bradley Donovan, Reed Horton and Will Smith.

"The Stock Market Game was a challenge because of the volatility and the significant drop in the Market for the Stock Market Game, which ran from Feb. 3-April 10," said Susie Lewis, Stock Market Game Advisor and eighth-grade math teacher. "The first-place Middle School team made a bold decision on Feb. 25 to start shorting their stocks. By shorting, they accumulated cash and won the game, ending up 24.52% above the S&P 500."

With guidance from Lewis, Cincinnati Country Day School has become a powerhouse in the statewide game. CCDS took five of the top 10 places in the Middle School Division of the spring game out of 127 teams in the state. In all divisions, the top CCDS team came in first for all Middle School teams and second for all schools – high schools, middle schools and elementary schools out of 578 teams in the state.

Country Day also won the Fall Stock Market Game. Eighth-graders Marley Handler, Heidi He and Alison Ramage came in first for Middle Schools in the state. That contest ran from Oct. 7-Dec. 13.

"Sometimes, people don't understand why I do this, but this is like real world," Lewis said. "Most of us own stock, because we have stock in our retirement portfolio, but some of us are kind of oblivious to what it is. I just thought it would be a good idea to enhance the students' financial awareness. And, it is all amount the 'numbers.'"

Spring Stock Market Game Middle School Winners

1st Place Team – 7th Grade – Clayton Blust (5th), Bradley Donovan, Reed Horton, Will Smith - $111, 014.26 - 24.52% above the S&P 500
4th Place Team – 7th Grade - Nate Paumier, Patrick Ramage, Nik Shah, Nicholas Vredeveld - $105,174.01 – 18.68% above the S&P 500

5th Place Team – 8th Grade - Parker Corbin, Andrew Pavlisko, Shepherd Snell - $104,415.55 -17.92% above the S&P 500

6th Place Team – 8th Grade – Emmy Parlin, Sophia Recker, Greta Stapp - $102,498.18 – 16.01% above the S&P 500

8th Place Team – 8th Grade – Lucas de Alarcon, Carson Yackey - $101,398.64 – 14.85% above the S&P 500

How to play the Stock Market Game: Each team receives $100,000 in virtual money to invest for 10 weeks. Whoever makes the most money wins!

Rules: Must invest in at least four stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Companies must be on the NYSE or NASDAQ. No more than $30,000 in any one stock. Must buy at least 10 shares. No share can be bought that is below $3 per share. You can buy or short sell stocks.

The next step for winning teams is usually the in-person Portfolio Challenge sponsored by the University of Cincinnati Economics Center. One team is awarded a trip to New York City, where students visit the New York Stock Exchange and also present their portfolio to investment firms, such as Goldman Sachs, Lazard and Legg Mason. CCDS would have had two winning teams in the competition, but the event and the trip were canceled due to the coronavirus.

Congratulations to Susie Lewis and all of this year's teams!

Adhering to our guiding motto, "Virtue in Action," we will develop students who go beyond accessing knowledge to creating, serving, learning by doing, and demonstrating what they know by engaging in the real world.

Spring Stock Market Game winners are, from left, Will Smith, Bradley Donovan and Reed Horton, Missing from the photo is Clayton Blust.