CCDSpeaks: Dr. Jeremiah McCall on Playing with the Past: History and Video Games

CCDS US History faculty member Dr. Jeremiah McCall's CCDSpeaks talk on Playing With The Past: History & Video Games (and Why it Might Matter)

Dr. McCall, is an internationally recognized expert in the study of historical video games and their uses in the formal and informal study of history.

Dr. McCall, is the author of Gaming the Past: Using Video Games to Teach Secondary History (Routledge 2011) and maintains the leading website on historical video games, He has written several peer reviewed-articles and book chapters on the historical video games and many well-received blog essays (for a complete list see His most recent work in the field is "Videogames as Participatory Public History," in the Wiley Companion to Public History (2018), and a forthcoming chapter essay "Digital Legionaries: Video Game Simulations of the Face of Battle in the Republic" in Representations of Antiquity in Video Games: Playing with the Ancient World (Bloomsbury 2019).