Cincinnati Country Day Presents Middle School Award Winners

Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award

Eight students received the Richard O. Schwab Middle School Award, the highest award. It recognizes the boy and girl in each grade who exemplify the following qualities: positive attitude, dedication to school work and school activities, leadership, respect for others and kindness to everyone.

Boy: Boden Schoeny (5th) Liam Tener (6th) Nik Shah (7th) Parker Corbin (8th)

Girl: Gertrude Lazarus (5th) Ali Zimmerman (6th) Ashley Odom (7th) Emma Rainey (8th)

Charles F. Clark Character Award

Charles Clark Character Award recognizes the middle school student in each grade who has demonstrated the following: respect for the dignity of each individual, kindness toward others, honesty, compassion, intellectual curiosity, concern for the environment, and courage to do the right thing.

Audrey de Alacon (5th) Delaney Gorman (6th) Louisa Joy (7th) Heidi He (8th)

Charles F. Yeiser Scholar Award

The Charles F. Yeiser Scholar Award was established by CCDS in 1977 to honor Mr. Charles F. Yeiser at his retirement. Mr. Yeiser, a 1939 graduate of Country Day, served the school for over three decades as teacher, administrator and, in his final six years, as Head of School. Yeiser Scholar winners must be new students in grades five through eight. Award recipients have the potential for high academic achievement, exhibit excellent citizenship skills, and are leaders in co-curricular activities.

Ezra Cohen (5th) Mick Gammon (6th) Kevin Pearson (7th) Charlize Rust (8th)

8th Grade Top Scholars: (7) Lucas de Alarcon, Marley Handler, Leo Joffe, Rory Miller, Gracie Mitchell, Emmy Parlin and Emma Rainey.,

7th Grade Top Scholars (9) Donovan Gray, Louisa Joy, Abby Miller, Adelaide Morales, Ashley Odom, Nik Shah, Eason Yao, Michaela Atkinson and Zachary Vaughan.

6th Grade Top Scholars (6) Kate Kranias, Sophie Parlin, Iris Weizer, Ryaan Arif, Briana Molloy and Olivia Williams.

8th Academic Awards

Wright: Auri Gill

Gilmore: Alex Riemann

Math: Marley Handler

Science: Rana Arebi

French: Aminata Bah, Rory Miller

Spanish: Marley Handler, Emma Rainey, Jordis Martin, Alex Riemann, Emmy Parlin

Chinese: Gracie Mitchell

English: Rory Miller

History: Gracie Mitchell

Performing Art: Rory Miller

Visual Art: Ellie Conner

Tech Theater: Will Schiff

Athletes of the Year: Parker Corbin and Gracie Mitchell

Archie Griffin: Annie Gammon, Luke Heekin, Isabel Ramirez, Carson Yackey