Class of 2020 Cum Laude students honored
Class of 2020 Cum Laude students honored

Fifteen members of The Cum Laude Society were honored during a dinner at the school Tuesday.

Seven seniors previously inducted as juniors are: Will Beyreis, Natalie de Beer, Eashwar Kantemneni, David Morales, Anushka Nair, Sylvia Nica and Abby Smith.

Eight students inducted as seniors are: Katie Briggs, Brian Butler, Catherine Collett, James Johnston, Riley Michalski, Anika Minocha, Lawson Renie and Joely Virzi.

Remarks were made by Class of 2020 Class Scholars Natalie de Beer, Eashwar Kantemneni, David Morales and Sylvia Nica. Cum Laude pins were awarded to all inductees.

At CCDS, students are inducted into the society based on their grade point averages, starting at the beginning of sophomore year. For junior inductees, the school takes into account their sophomore and junior GPAs. For seniors, sophomore, junior and first-semester senior GPAs are considered.

Ten percent of a given class is inducted at the end of their junior year at the awards day in June. An additional 10% of the class is inducted at an assembly in February. All inductees of a given class are honored at a dinner in March, where they receive their Cum Laude pins.

Cum Laude members of the Class of 2020 are, first row from left, Catherine Collett, Anushka Nair, Joely Virzi and Abby Smith. Second row from left, Will Beyreis, Sylvia Nica and Brian Butler. Third row from left are Riley Michalski, Natalie de Beer, Anika Minocha and Katie Briggs. Fourth row from left are David Morales, Eashwar Kantemneni and James Johnston. Lawson Renie was unable to attend the event, but was honored in abstentia.