Juniors Stephen Fatuzzo, Manav Midha selected for TAP MD
Juniors Stephen Fatuzzo, Manav Midha selected for TAP MD

Two CCDS juniors, Stephen Fatuzzo and Manav Midha, were selected for the year-long city-wide 2018 TAP MD, a highly competitive program aimed at sparking interesting in medical careers.

Starting in January of their junior year in high school, students attend monthly experiences throughout the year, which offers exposure to a variety of specialties, practice settings, information about medical school, and more.

Though students will be exposed to other healthcare careers, learning the ins and outs of a career as a physician is the focus. program is currently in it's seventh year. To enter, students must be academically gifted, motivated, mature, dependable and have a positive attitude.

Fatuzzo applied for TAP MD because he was interested in learning more about the wide variety of professions that exist within medicine.

"In the past, I have had opportunities to learn closely about specific medical fields, such as transplant surgery. TAP MD, however, provides me with a set of events that overview an enormous variety of medical fields. For example, our first event included viewing a kidney donor's transplant at the UC Medical Center, while our next event will focus on a very different topic. We will be visiting the Children's Hospital Simulation Center to learn about the artificial training done by doctors and nurses at the UC Medical Center."

Midha applied to the program because he had taken an interest in medicine at an early age, and he his passion as grown over the years.

"From a young age I have been fascinated with the medical field and particularly surgery. So, when Mrs. Beyreis presented TAP MD to the junior class, my ears perked up - an opportunity to formally interact with many different specialties of medicine while learning about the real experiences of physicians! And I'd get to wear a white coat!"

"I have been incredibly fortunate to have worked in research at the UC Department of Psychiatry for two years, and TAP MD allows me to expand my experience in medicine to facets like the biomedical engineering of surgical instruments, the robotics of surgical simulators, and even the intricacies of applying to medical school, to name a few!

"At our first TAP MD event, we observed a surgery performed by transplant surgeon Dr. Tayyab Diwan of UC. The surgery we viewed is called a "living-donor hand-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy," and is essentially the removal of a healthy kidney from an altruistic donor for immediate transplantation into a patient with kidney disease.

"The original plan was for us to view the surgery live through the laparoscopic lens, but due to the recipient-patient having pre-surgical hypertension, we watched a video of Dr. Diwan performing the same surgery instead. Still, it was really cool to have such an esteemed surgeon guide us through this extremely complicated procedure and answer all of our questions."

"We were even able to operate the very Ethicon surgical instruments used in the surgery (a Harmonic scalpel and surgical stapler)! At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Diwan provided us with his contact information, and said that he would allow us to shadow him if we want. This is an incredible offer - one that I plan on pursuing. Because of TAP MD, I have had the opportunity to partake in these many unbelievable experiences!"

"I have always been interested in neuroscience and human behavior, and am heavily considering entering neurosurgery; I am truly fascinated by the ability to affect behavior through physical means. However, my experience with TAP MD and Dr. Diwan's surgery has revealed to me that there are many fields, including transplant, that are incredibly interesting and impactful."

"I hope to one day become a specialized surgeon, but use a deep understanding of the connections between the many systems of the human body and the non-medical aspects of health care to guide my work and provide the best possible experience to my patients."