MS wins State in Fall Stock Market Game
MS wins State in Fall Stock Market Game

Cincinnati Country Day School Middle School teams have won the Fall Stock Market Game for all Middle School teams in Ohio. CCDS teams took the top 10 places in the Middle School Division of the Stock Market Game out of 126 teams.

The top three of the CCDS teams were in the top 10 for all schools, High Schools, Middle Schools and Elementary Schools out of 613 teams.

Congratulations to the following teams and their advisor, Susie Lewis, eighth grade math teacher:

Top Middle School Winners in the State

1st Place Team – 8th Grade - Marley Handler, Heidi He, Alison Ramage - $121, 661.54 - 14.32% above the S&P 500

2nd Place Team – 8th Grade - Miles Roy, Luke Heekin, Davis Campbell - $120.636.76

3rd Place Team – 8th Grade - Duncan Henderson, Jackson Freeman, Jalen Dandridge $119,559.21

4th Place Team – 8th Grade - Alex Reaves , Will Deimer, Sam Kohnen, Story Rufener - $119.067.28

5th Place Team – 7th Grade - Brad Donovan, Reed Horton , Will Smith - $116,391.95

How to play the Game: Each team receives $100,000 in virtual money to invest for 10 weeks. Whoever makes the most money wins!

Rules: Must invest in at least four stocks, bonds or mutual funds. Companies must be on The NYSE or NASDAQ. No more than $30,000 in any one stock. Must buy at least 10 shares. No share can be bought that is below $3.00 per share. Students can Buy or Short Sell Stocks.

The game started on Oct. 1 and ended on Dec. 13.

1st place team State Stock Market Game winners are, from left Alison Ramage, Marley Handler and Heidi He.