National Language Award Winners
National Language Award Winners

The Greater the Start in Modern Languages....

At Cincinnati Country Day School, our students have a long history of high achievement on the national language exams. The National French Contest, Le Grand Concours, is sponsored annually by the American Association of Teachers of French.This year, Cincinnati Country Day School's Upper School received 10 gold, 17 silver and 4 bronze medals. The following students will be recognized as Lauréat national for scoring in the top 10% nationally. In French Level 2: Gold medals: Cole Harten, Mimi Liao, Alistair Norwood, and Tommy Scheer. Silver medals: Zongrui "Frank" Cai, Skandda Chandrasekar, Zach DelBello, Kyle Eller, Marissa Handler, and Abby Smith. Bronze medals: Jade Abu Bakr, and Rowan Castrucci. National winners in French Level 3: Gold medals: Ella Beyreis, Griffin McAndrew, and Christian Page. Silver Medals: Nora Brant, Sabrina DelBello, Elena Hamall, Celie Hudson, Wynton Jackson, Evey Kallmeyer, and Lila Weizer. National winners in French Level 4: Gold medals: Will Beyreis, Brian Butler, and Anushka Nair. Silver medals: Sydney Baker and Renee Twyford. Bronze medal: Radha Mangu. National winners in French Level 5 Silver medals: Sean Stewart and Jack Sullivan. Bronze medal: Molly Briggs.

"Félicitations" to all of this year's winners and thanks to the faculty-- Jane Kairet and Jeanette Hecker--for encouraging academic excellence in language.

Every year students across the nation compete on the National Spanish Exam sponsored by the American Association of Teachers of Spanish and Portuguese. This year in the Upper School students earned a total of 12 gold medals, 20 silver medals, and 13 bronze medals in the Ohio Buckeye Chapter.Spanish Level 2 Gold Medals:Kirstin Hayes, Abhimanyu Jetty, Drew Bagnoli, Sabrina DelBello, Priya Thompson, Shang Xiang and Pooja Kantemneni.Silver Medals: Zach Corbin, Francisco Valentin, Annabel Blum, John Connelly, Ryan de Beer, Elena Hamall, and Margaret Sprigg-Dudley.Bronze medals: Paige Cordea, Georgie Masterson, Antao Shao and Mark Tereck. In Spanish Level 3 Gold Medals: Melissa Bornovali, Marley Cox, Rishi Gabbita, Lila Joffe and Rose Joffe.Silver Medals: Abby Blum, Lauren Hettinger, James Johnston, Eashwar Kantemneni, Sam Pettengill, Lawson Renie, Jack Wright, Jasmine Gonzales and Sylvia Nica. Bronze medals: Ashutosh Annapantula, Neil Badlani, Caroline Blang, Dereck Gray, Jordan Perry, William Sommer, and Joely Virzi. In Spanish Level 4 Silver Medals: Ava Kellar, Abby Smith and Natalie de Beer.Bronze medals: Stephen Fatuzzo, Manav Patel and Joshua Payne. Spanish Level 5 Silver Medals:Jack Sullivan.

¡Felicidades! to all of this year's winners and thanks to the faculty, Malena Castro, Angela Suarez and Laura Wilson for helping our students achieve their potential in Spanish.

Middle School: National French Exam

Aminata Bah and Will Donovan, gold medals; Rory Miller, Mica Murdoch, Lauren Weizer, silver medals; Devon Michalski, Yousef Mostafa, Kellan Raterman, bronze medals.

Middle School :National Spanish Exam

Eighth-grade winners: In the classroom experience category -Emil Hettich, first in the nation bilingual; Ethan Rezer and Erica Sotto first in the nation; Ben Jaccaci and Lizzy Stacy, second in the nation.

Medal winners: Samantha Hess, Jourdan Jones, Sabrina Mihailescu, Emma Valentin, Nicholas Watts and Joshua Williamson.

Seventh-grade winners: In the classroom experience category-Emily Parlin, first in the nation; Leo Joffe, Indian Hill, second in the nation; and Parker Corbin, third in the nation. In the category outside experience-Alexander Riemann first in the nation.

Medal winners: Emma Rainey, Greta Stapp, Anna Strauss, Marley Handler, Auri Gill and Jordis Martin.

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