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SAGE partners with Pre-K 2 for healthy eating
SAGE partners with Pre-K 2 for healthy eating

The students in Lee Ann Bertsch and Jennifer Hoffman's Pre-K 2 classes have been learning about hydroponic garden towers. The children planted lettuce and kale seeds about a month ago and it was finally time to taste them. Casey Wolford from SAGE Dining Service came to the classroom and helped the children harvest the fresh plants. After talking about the benefits of eating fresh foods, he offered up a "mobile salad bar." The children were able to pick from many healthy toppings to add to their salads. It was a great way to experience the benefits of having an indoor garden. The students plan to share their next harvest with the Dining Terrace so all of the school can taste the delicious foods they have been growing!

-Lee Ann Bertsch and Jennifer Hoffman

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