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Second graders gather wildflowers, make floral arrangements
Second graders gather wildflowers, make floral arrangements

Ann Wimmer's students keep taking their environmental studies to the next level. "My first graders have been very interested in caterpillars and butterflies. We raised, tagged, and released a monarch, and now that interest has connected to the wildflowers that feed butterflies and other insects," she said.

Wimmer and her 13 students recently went into the west woods to gather wildflowers, with help from Director of Outdoor Education Kaki Scheer, parent and alumna Christina Vollmer '00 and Director of Annual Giving Liz Dohrmann.

The second graders collected a variety of wildflowers, including goldenrod, snakeroot, a mix of asters and Great Lobelia. The next day they made flower arrangements to take home.

"It's horticulture because knowing the flowers is horticulture, and it's flower arranging," Scheer explained. "This group was studying inner connections, and it all started with monarchs."

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