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Three CCDS students selected for TAP MD, TAP HC
Three CCDS students selected for TAP MD, TAP HC

Selected for the TAP MD and TAP HC programs are, from left, Catherine Collett (TAP MD), Jay Bhati, (TAP HC) and David Morales (TAP MD).

Two CCDS students Catherine Collett and David Morales were selected for the year-long city-wide 2019 TAP MD, a highly competitive program aimed at sparking interesting in medical careers. Jay Bhati was selected to participate in TAP HC to explore various healthcare careers.

Starting in January of their junior year in high school, TAP MD students attend monthly experiences throughout the year, which offers exposure to a variety of specialties, practice settings, information about medical school and more.

Though students will be exposed to other healthcare careers, learning the ins and outs of a career as a physician is the focus. The program is currently in its eighth year. To enter, students must be academically gifted, motivated, mature, dependable and have a positive attitude.

"I applied to the TAP MD program because I am interested in going into the medical field, but the thought of med school is very intimidating," Collett said. "I wanted something to remind me how exciting the medical field can be."

So far, the most interesting experience she got to watch was a live kidney transplant in which the surgeon talked to students throughout the entire surgery and explained exactly what he was doing.

"This program has definitely encouraged me to follow a pre-med path in college and hopefully go to medical school someday. After seeing many cool things that take place in hospitals, labs, and doctor's offices, I know that I definitely want to become a doctor."

Morales applied to the TAP MD program so he could gain exposure into the different fields of medicine. "My dad is a pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon, which is a very specialized field of medicine, and I never have had much exposure to other medical fields. I want to become a doctor, and I hoped that this program would give me some insight into which field I would like to work in."

One of the sessions he attended focused on medical simulations. "It was very interesting to see the different techniques doctors and medical staff use to practice for real life events. In addition, they showed us how virtual reality is looking like the future of medical simulations. We met with some people who were working on VR simulations for doctors so that they could know how to diagnose a patient or how to treat a patient depending on the situation."

Meanwhile, TAP HC students have attended experiences every four to six weeks since January to learn about a variety of healthcare careers. Knowing not everyone is interested in becoming a physician, TAP HC offers insights into healthcare IT, nursing, home health, paramedics, athletic training, occupational and physical therapy and more.

Bhati applied for the TAP HC program because it didn't just focus on medicine but healthcare, in general. "I really wanted to get a good idea of what happens outside of medicine but still relating to the betterment of people's health. We were able to do hands on procedures like putting in an IV into a dummy arm and performing CPR, which was awesome because instead of just watching someone do it, we were able to do it all from unpacking the materials to actually sticking and pumping fluid into the arm."

The program has inspired him to pursue a healthcare career. "It really reaffirmed my ideas that helping people extends further than just what the doctor can take care of. All people contribute to helping a patient be assessed, taken care of, and sent home healthy."

Both programs continue through December 2019.