Two seniors win National Merit Scholarships
Two seniors win National Merit Scholarships

Two seniors, Kaitlyn Hardesty and Moya Ly, have been selected as winners of $2,500 National Merit Scholarships. The scholarships are underwritten by the National Merit Scholarship Corporation with its own funds and are the most difficult National Merit scholarships to obtain.

Kaitlyn will attend Washington University in St. Louis, majoring in biomedical engineering on a pre-Med track. She enrolled at CCDS in eighth grade.

"Throughout the past five years, my teachers and classmates have pushed me to become my best," Kaitlin said. "This positive community fosters deep understanding and inquiry in the classroom, as well as strong personal bonds and support in all facets of life."

Moya will attend Caltech, majoring in mechanical engineering or computer science. She plans on working in industry in robotics. She enrolled at CCDS for first grade.

"Country Day gave me the confidence and strong academic background I needed to get where I am today," Moya said.

Both Kaitlyn and Moya were named National Merit semifinalists and then finalists earlier this year.

"We are very proud of Kaitlyn and Moya," Head of Upper School Stephanie Luebbers said. "Earning a National Merit Scholarship is a rare thing and speaks to Kaitlyn and Moya's commitment to academic excellence. What is most exciting is that these two young women have contributed and made a difference in every area of our community. They are leaders who are deeply engaged at Country Day, and we will miss them when they graduate and head to college."

Sarah Beyreis, Director of College Counseling, said of Moya, "Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Moya is a class she created for middle school (and one or two upper school) girls called Youcode that ran in our library on Saturday mornings in the winter of her junior year. She won the she++ weekend at Stanford last year and a national NWICT award this year in part because of the Youcode class. She's going to intern at P&G this summer."

"Kaitlyn is just amazing. She was admitted Early Decision to Washington U in St. Louis and THEN received a full-tuition scholarship to Wash U months later," Beyreis said. "The dean of the school of engineering called her and told her that they rarely give merit scholarships to students who've been admitted Early Decision, but that Kaitlyn was so compelling they just had to give her the scholarship."