Young alums inspire students at Senior Seminar
Young alums inspire students at Senior Seminar

Sixteen young alumni presented their take on college during the annual Senior Seminar. The program is designed to give seniors a taste of life in college and beyond.

The presenters and their topics were:

Julian Braxton '14, Harvard University
Biomedical Research: Not as Scary (or Boring!) as it Sounds
Many college students find working in a research lab to be one of the most rewarding experiences of their undergraduate careers. Julian discussed his own research experience, including his process of finding and working in a lab that interested him. For those unsure if research is right for them, he also discussed low-key, low-commitment ways to get involved, how best to find research opportunities, and how to identify intriguing areas of research.

Kathryn Burress '16, Parsons School of Design
How to Not Be a Starving Artist
"How are you planning on making a career out of that?" Is the most common question that all art students get. While attending Parsons School of Design in New York City, Kathryn has started her own photography business. Kathryn talked about what you need to know to start your own freelance business, how to network and draw clients in via social media, and what she has learned from her first year running a business.

Elizabeth Grace '15, University of South Carolina
Making a Big School Feel Small
If you've ever toured a big school, the guide probably told you that it's easy to make a big school feel small. But what does that really mean? After coming from a school the size of CCDS, it can be a challenge to feel comfortable at a large university. Liz discussed why making a big school feel small is important in the first place, how to accomplish it, and how to take advantage of all the benefits a big school has to offer.

Nathan Grant '16, Harvard University
Community Service and Volunteering: Making an Impact as a College Student
Do you have an interest in doing community service or volunteer work while in college? You can find many valuable opportunities in college, such as in local hospitals, schools, and shelters. Nathan shared the story of establishing Siblings with a Mission to serve families in the special needs community, and how he found college resources to help him balance this passion with a heavy academic schedule.

Jack Hupper '15, Wake Forest University
Setting Yourself Apart to Set Yourself Up in the Finance Industry
After working as an intern this past summer at Fidelity Investments, Jack shed light on what it means to work in the rapidly changing investment industry as a millennial. Whether or not you plan to study finance, the industry appears to have something to offer everyone. Jack shared his experiences about how to land an internship, conduct yourself in a professional setting, and get ahead in the workplace without compromising your personal values.

Spencer Janning '15, University of Dayton
From Air Force Research Co-op to Patent Applications; It's all About the Engineering!
Spencer talked about his experience with his engineering Co-op program at the Air Force Research Lab at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He discussed the features of a co-op program and provided tips for success in handling the application and interview process. Spencer also talked about how he took an interesting school project to the next level by applying for his own patent on a medical device.

Lindsey Jarrell '15, Davidson College
Semester Abroad: The World is Calling
Lindsey completed a semester abroad in Copenhagen through the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in fall 2017. By exploring a different culture, she expanded her world view - both academically and socially. Lindsey's session explored the benefits and challenges of cross-cultural exchange and learning. She addressed how to select the best program, how to take care of yourself abroad, and how to use the experience to benefit future academic or career choices.

Marius Lancaster '16, Ohio University
A Life of Diversity on and off Campus
Marius talked about his experiences as a diversity ambassador on campus. His role has led him to talk with various student organizations about issues surrounding diversity. He also discussed his experiences living off campus and how that compares to living on campus.

Taylor Maier '15, Trinity College
Athletics, Academics, and Fraternity Life: How to Find the Right Balance?
First year college students often struggle with adjusting to the sudden freedom and number of choices available for spending time. As a recruited college athlete, Taylor had to figure out quickly how to balance his athletics with his academics, social life, and other obligations. Taylor shared some of his tricks for how to make the balancing act a lot easier and how to create a college schedule that can accommodate many different interests.

Elizabeth Miller '15, Haverford College
Pitch Perfect: Collegiate A Cappella and Music Opportunities
It turns out that a cappella in college isn't quite what the Pitch Perfect movies would indicate. There's no cardio in rehearsals (instead, there's actual singing), preparation for a competition takes months, and most aca-people are horrendous dancers. However, the family within a group, rivalries between different groups, and spontaneous sing-offs are very real. Elizabeth shared her experiences in competitions and tours, vocal percussion, management, arranging, and more. She also discussed other musical opportunities on campus, such as academic music classes and musical theater.

Maggie Miller '17, John Carroll University
Greek Life and Leadership
Maggie provided information about fraternities and sororities as well as the advantages of Greek life - bringing together people with similar goals through service, philanthropic events and social functions. Opportunities for leadership are another important aspect of Greek life. This is a community that stays strong beyond graduation, and Country Day students often thrive due to their high standards of excellence and appreciation of strong community.

Foster Opals '17, Xavier University, &
DR Williams '17, Ohio University
Business as Unusual
Business majors have a lot of opportunities open to them, and it is important that they take full advantage. DR and Foster are both business majors (management and entrepreneurship), but they also have experience running their own independent business. They are going to share their freshman year experiences, including helpful tips and tricks on everything from "should I schedule an 8 a.m. class?" to effective time management and networking skills.

Edwin Sam '13, University of Pennsylvania 2017 graduate
Be Your Own Boss: Entrepreneurship Opportunities in College and Beyond
From gigantic companies like Apple all the way down to local coffee shops, all businesses start somewhere. Since graduating from college last May, Edwin has been working to launch his own marketing consulting company to work with local small businesses. He discussed how to get involved in entrepreneurship in high school and how to take advantage of opportunities in college to hone one's business skills. Additionally, Edwin focused on marketing and financing strategies for new companies to illustrate how anyone with an idea and a passion can start his/her own business.

Kirsten Simpson '15, University of Dayton
Campus Leadership: A Path to the Future
Kirsten is an industrial engineering major who has taken advantage of many leadership opportunities on her college campus and in the greater community. Kirsten shared her strategies for connecting her classroom learning with real-world applications. Kirsten provided her insights about how internships and community service can provide a great chance to "network." Finally, she offered some tips about resumes and job interviewing.

Lauren Wiley '14 Butler University
Semester at Sea: 23659 Miles, 102 Days, 22 Cities, 11 Countries
Imagine sailing around the world on a cruise ship. Now imagine taking classes to get college credit while on this ship, with some of the best faculty in the country and about 550 other college students from all over the world. The opportunity to study abroad is not only a way to travel, but also to meet new people, explore other cultures, and learn a lot about yourself along the way. Via Skype, Lauren shared the good and bad of her experiences abroad after her Semester at Sea voyage and discussed how to follow your dreams of a semester abroad.

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