Dining Services

Cincinnati Country Day School partners with SAGE Dining Services, a premier provider of dining services and gourmet catering to private schools, colleges and corporations across the United States, to prepare nutritious lunches for students, faculty and staff.

SAGE meets the varied palettes of today’s students, by offering menu choices that balance popular items and healthy fare.


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Dining at CCDS

General Daily Selections

Our Dining Terrace menu rotates on a four-week cycle and consists of food prepared from scratch whenever possible. SAGE's policies and menus comply with the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. Registered dietitians review school menus and are available to our food service director for consultations regarding nutrition questions. The CCDS community is able to choose from the following daily selections:

Improvisations –Improvisations™ is one of SAGE’s station concept, designed to spark the creativity of our chefs and customers alike. Moving beyond the traditional salad bar concept, we provide both fresh, seasonal ingredients as well as composed salads and suggested flavor combinations, challenging patrons to explore new combinations of tastes and textures.

Classic Cut Deli® – featuring a wide variety of meats and cheeses along with tuna salad, egg salad and house-roasted turkey breast.

Stock Exchange – a hearty soup station providing two homemade soups from scratch; one soup is always vegetarian or vegan.

The Main Ingredient® –the hot entree station, including at least two entrees (one is always vegetarian or vegan) a starch, and two fresh vegetables.

Baltimore Baking Company – a wide variety of desserts and breads with low sugar or low-calorie options.

Splashes – our extensive selection of beverages including our variety of Spa Waters.

We also feature our Monthly Nutritional Seasonings, which are geared to enhance the community's awareness of lesser known food items and even add knowledge of foods surround us every day.

Educational Seasonings

September/October- Tomato Time
To compare heirloom and conventional tomatoes, and to highlight an abundance of fresh. local tomato products from your region

November- Thanksgiving in the Wild West
To gain an understanding of how difficult it was to plan and prepare for meals during cattle drives and on the long journey west

To gain an appreciation for how the settlers used their local recourse to provide food for their homesteads and ranches

December-Oatmeal Mania
To explore different ways to enjoy this versatile grain, beyond the traditional brown sugar and maple syrup toppings

January- Ancient Grains
To show students that there are options other than rice, potatoes,and pasta

To demonstrate that ancient grains played a big part in world history, pack a big nutritional punch, and taste great

February- Hawaiian Cuisine
To explore Hawaii, United States' most distant and tropical state, with a unique and colorful cuisine to match

March- Tickled by Pickles
To explore pickling, explain the science of fermentation, and display the pickling process

April- Some like it Hot
To explore the creative spices and sauces of Africa, Asia, and the Middle East

To feature commercially available spices from the various regions, as well as SAGE-made spice mixes and sauces that reflect the bold flavors we crave

May- Dress it Up!
To share how to make salad greens pop with flavor


What We Are Doing to Help the Environment

Cincinnati Country Day has been trayless since 2009! A study by the University of Cincinnati suggests it is possible to reduce the food and paper waste by at least 20% by removing trays from the dining experience.

Look for more organic and local selections featured through out our menu as well as items from CCDS's own garden to further support our goal of sustainability.

We use a vinegar and water solution as a cleaning and disinfecting agent for our Dining Terrace tables. It is a wonderful GREEN cleaning alternative. This, along with the APEX cleaning system used in our dish machine, are movements toward reducing the use of harsh chemicals and creating a safer environment.

Dining Terrace Policy and Procedures

Dining Terrace Policies and Procedures

  • Please dispose of all waste from the table when you are finished dining.
  • Put any recyclable items into the appropriate containers.
  • Take only the food you plan to eat and please eat all the food you take.
  • Please do not remove any utensils, cups, plates, or dishes from the Dining Terrace.