Five-Year Strategic Plan

Students in class, outside, and in the woodsCOUNTRY DAY FORWARD

Cincinnati Country Day School has a strong foundation for future growth resulting from a clear and compelling mission, healthy enrollment comprised of a motivated and diverse student body, a passionate and skilled faculty, a challenging curriculum, and an engaged, supportive community. No thriving institution remains static, so it is essential we build on our almost 100-year history by actively seeking ways to FORWARD Country Day’s legacy of excellence and to ensure that our students are ideally prepared to lead productive and fulfilling lives.

Under the leadership of the school’s administration and in collaboration with our students, the faculty and staff will carry out the following three pillars of our Five-Year Strategic Plan. The pillars inform what, how, and where we will teach to propel our students forward. Underpinning these pillars, and essential to their viability, is bolstering Country Day’s financial resources. We will do everything we can to ensure that we continue to attract, retain, and develop outstanding educators, to fund learning and teaching innovation, to sustain a diverse and inclusive learning community, and to maintain and enhance our unique campus and facilities.

View the brochure: Country Day Forward: The Five-Year Strategic Plan

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Innovative Learning And Teaching

We will create the most engaging educational environment by continually examining how students best learn and use that research to continue developing the most effective and pioneering teaching.

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Global Engagement

We will develop responsible global citizens through curricular and co-curricular opportunities that foster the skills, knowledge, and empathy required to engage ethically and successfully in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

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Environmental Commitment

We will instill a culture of sustainability and purposeful connection to the natural world through education, partnerships, action, and self-assessment that will empower and inspire our community members to be stewards of our environment.