Signature Programs

Country Day's people, places, and programs contribute to the unique and diverse student experiences. Every student is different, and we understand the importance of providing an environment in which each student’s abilities, interests, and needs are met. Our signature programs provide the foundation for students to become exemplary citizens, confident leaders, and the best versions of themselves. These signature programs include:


A Country Day student is provided an academically enriched experience with opportunities to explore many things like the arts, athletics, and service outside of the classroom. But woven into the fabric of every aspect of a Country Day education is character. We educate the moral and ethical leaders for the next generation - students who will “do the right thing even when no one is watching.” It is ingrained in the life of the school and not only are our Character Virtues publicly posted and talked about frequently, but they too are included in our educational lessons, and emphasized during sporting events, fields trips, and assemblies. A Country Day education provides a tremendous, well-rounded foundation for the future of every student, and a key component is character.


Character Virtues

House System

Environmental Commitment

More than 90 years ago, Country Day was established in a rural setting to take advantage of the numerous resources available in a natural, unsettled, environment. The founders were committed to outdoor education, and in particular, the study of nature. Student devoted the afternoons to outdoor play and sports or nature study in the fields and woodlands.

As the impact of technology continues to shape the world in which we live, research now shows that outdoor education and play are important component of student development. To that end, our school is committed to growing the environmental programming for all of our students, early childhood through grade 12, with a purposeful, connected, and innovative environmental curriculum. We continue to instill a culture of sustainability and purposeful connection to the natural world through education, partnerships, action, and self-assessment that empower and inspire our community members to be stewards of our environment.

Examples of Environmental Commitment

Global Engagement

Country Day’s global engagement initiative focuses on curricular and co-curricular learning, promoting a global mindset, and expanding international travel and exchange programs. With nearly 10 percent of our students being international or having an international experience, our global initiatives provide students with the opportunity to deepen their understanding and empathy for people and cultures that may be different than their own. Through programming, experiences, and reflection, students become active participants in an internationally diverse community that promotes respect, understanding, and inclusion.

The goal of providing students with these experiences is to develop responsible global citizens through local, national, and international opportunities that foster the skills, knowledge, and empathy required to engage ethically and successfully in a rapidly changing and interconnected world.

Examples of Global Engagement

Innovative Learning and Teaching

Since our founding in 1926, Country Day has been at the forefront of providing a demanding academic curriculum that is more progressive than traditional. As one of the nation’s first 1:1 laptop schools in the mid-90’s to the makerspaces of today, students are provided with a learning environment where they develop perseverance, flexibility, curiosity, adaptability, and resourcefulness. Our innovative learning and teaching initiative focuses on providing faculty with the latest research on how students learn, creating opportunities for students that go beyond the typical classroom practices, and developing both physical and virtual hubs to support all types of learning.

Our goal is to provide students with an engaging educational environment by continually examining how students best learn and use that research to continue developing the most effective and pioneering teaching.

Examples of Innovative Learning and Teaching

Job Shadow and Student Internship Program

Students who participate in job shadows or unpaid internships see firsthand what it is like to work in a field that interests them. They garner advice about college and careers from parent and alumni hosts, and learn early the value of networking. In recent years, we have placed students in a broad range of fields, listed here.

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