Tablet Conferences

2018-2019 Conference Schedule


Thu., Apr 11 - Fri., Apr. 12, 2019



Contact the Conference Director,
Rob Baker, Director of Technology, or (513) 979-0217.



Tablet PCs are paradigm-shifting educational tools, that have allowed us to integrate technology as we had dreamed of doing when we first began our laptop program in 1996. We’ll introduce you to these swiveling wonders that will give you the freedom and flexibility reach beyond the machine and focus on your students’ learning.

Day 1: Listen and learn

Get your feet wet with the history and scope of our tablet initiative. We’ll look at one of the most remarkable features of these sweet machines: their ability to be molded for the needs of students from early childhood to graduation. Then, we’ll see the tablets in action, visiting classrooms.

For those of you without tablet of your own, we’ll end the day by providing you with a machine for use during the conference and orienting you to some of its foundational pieces. For those of you with a tablet of your own, we’ll introduce you to our new professional development approach.


Day 2: See it and do it

Absorb the wisdom of teachers, from Lower to Upper School, who have utilized the unique software features of the technology to meet their objectives and document student learning. We’ll spend time discussing their approaches and learning how to do what they’ve done. Day two will also allow you a little time with our division heads and CFO, getting a pragmatic bird’s eye view of our tablet program. Join us, toward the day’s end, as we take a virtual field trip, videoconferencing with the Cleveland Museum of Art.


Experience and explore

Hear from more of our teachers and learn their techniques with a focus on those who take advantage of the remarkable physical flexibility of the tablets in addition to their unusual software uses. We’ll touch on a few key non-tablet uses of technology on our campus as well. We’ll simulate a tablet classroom where you become the student, feeling directly the effects of these machines on your own learning.

Toot your own horn!

With such radical technology in your hands, you’ll be bursting at the seams to share with your colleagues back home. Each day, you’ll contribute to our online conference journal, filled with photos, your work, and your thoughts on the possibilities of how tablets might look in the hands of your students. Your colleagues can get a small taste of your experiences while you’re at CCDS and you can use the record of your ideas as a way to help them understand when you return.