Technology Integration

CCDS has an international reputation as a leader in educational technology integration. That reputation has been earned with a leading-edge 1:1 program, started in 1996 and now featuring Tablet PCs.

During the school’s Tablet Conferences, public and private educators flock to our campus from around the nation and the globe—all in the pursuit of capturing the educational power of our one-to-one technology program.

The school’s program exists solely for its students and teachers, who have turned the powerful tools on our campus into transformational learning tools. The technology program is built on the philosophy that true technology integration can only happen when flexible machines are put in the hands of capable faculty and students. Toward that end, every student 5th through 12th and every faculty member preK-12th owns a Tablet PC. Students from eighteen months to fourth grade have access to teacher machines and Tablet PC carts, at the discretion of their teachers and their need.

students holding up tablets