Alumni Council

Our Mission

The Cincinnati County Day School Alumni Association's mission is to seek, reach, serve, and engage all alumni and students in order to foster a lifelong intellectual and emotional connection between Cincinnati Country Day School and its alumni. Its governing body, the Alumni Council, is comprised of members of the alumni community.



It is the Alumni Council's unwavering belief that Cincinnati Country Day School alumni are a testament to the success of the school; that alumni continue to be valued members of the school community; and that they remain involved in the life of the School and its students.

The Alumni Council seeks to advance the goals of the Association by promoting:


We encourage alumni to participate in Alumni Association-sponsored events such as Homecoming, class reunions, community service projects, business luncheons, and other social events, which are designed to foster and strengthen alumni relationships with each other as well as with the greater CCDS community.

In addition, we also encourage alumni to remain involved with the daily activities of the current students by sharing experiences with a class, mentoring curious minds, or attending an athletic or fine arts event.


Since Cincinnati Country Day School was founded in 1926, it is quite rare (and treasured) to have over eighty years' worth of classes who have graduated from this wonderful academic institution. Alumni consider it a special privilege to be able to serve as the bridge between the past and the present and are glad to share their memories of their CCDS experiences. We take special pride in upholding the School's history, values, and traditions.


The CCDS alumni shall provide CCDS with goodwill and support by providing financial and volunteer assistance to the School. The financial resources that are necessary to maintain and preserve the academic excellence of CCDS are not satisfied solely by tuition; therefore, contributions are necessary, and members of the Alumni Council play an active role in the solicitation of these funds from the alumni community. We also recognize that the donation of time is valued as well, since volunteers are key resources for enhancing the goals of the CCDS community.


We encourage all alumni to stay in touch with the School by providing updated contact information and letting us know what is going on in their lives.

The printed publication Connections relies on news and updates from the alumni community to highlight and celebrate the accomplishments of the CCDS alumni.

The CCDS website serves as a wonderful tool to strengthen alumni's connections with the School, as well as with former classmates and faculty. It provides prospective parents and students a window into the lives and accomplishments of our strongest asset, our alumni.

Alumni Council Members

Cadence Moore '01 (President)
Elizabeth Black '08
David Briggs, Jr. '83
Neil Fleischer '93
Rudy Frank '07
Erin Head '93
Ishan Ghildyal '14
Aneesh Jain '14
Will Kreidler '87
Tom Langlois '77
Stephen Lazarus '81
Lauren Legette '07
Pam Long '01
Nat Tracey-Miller '05
Dale Mitchell '97
Wendell Morris '82
Holly Mott '95
Susanna Schwartz '93
Matthew Strauss '88
Kirsten Vallenas '93
Brittany Woods '04