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Support Services

Support Services is an active part of each division at CCDS. The Support Services support team consists of intervention specialists, speech/language pathologists, and school psychologists. The team works with teachers, students, parents, families, administrators, and admissions to ensure that academic, social and emotional needs can be effectively met at each stage of development.

When a child struggles or does not seem to be making anticipated progress, the faculty, parents, and support team work together to draw on strengths, identify weaknesses, and utilize strategies that allow each student to make progress and experience success. Intervention and support levels vary by division, as developmentally appropriate.

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Support Services Team

  • meets weekly to discuss students who seem to be having difficulties with academics
  • works with classroom teachers and parents to establish differentiated teaching/learning strategies
  • works with students during classroom instruction to facilitate strategies
  • provides assistive technology training and support for qualified students
  • determines eligibility for academic accommodations at school
  • maintains files of disability-related documents and provides summaries of them for teachers and advisors in accordance with the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • develops plans for the provision of such accommodations in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act
  • helps families to obtain accommodations on standardized tests such as the SAT in accordance with Educational Testing Service guidelines
  • provides opportunities for faculty education concerning learning differences

More Information

For more information on specialized learning and psychological services at CCDS, please contact the individuals below:

Lower School
Dr. Nikki Bishop-Kallmeyer, School Psychologist

K-4th Grade
(513) 979-0373

Kristeen Boaz, Learning Specialist
K-4th grade
(513) 979- 0367

Christine Scheadler, Learning Specialist
2nd Grade-5th Grade
(513) 979-0360

Amy Scott, Speech & Language Pathologist
K-4th Grade
(513) 979-0374

Suzy Smyth, Learning Specialist
K-4th grade
(513) 979- 0320

Middle School

Alexis Nordrum, School Psychologist
5th Grade-8th Grade
(513) 979-0389

Beth Sauber, Intervention Specialist
5th Grade-8th Grade
(513) 979-0239

Upper School
Julie Crutcher, Learning Specialist

9th Grade-12th Grade
(513) 979-0357

Dr. Kathy Scheidler, School Psychologist
9th Grade-12th Grade
(513) 979-0304

All School
Angela Joiner
Director of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Social-Emotional Learning

(513) 979-0309

Melynda Bowers, Mental Health Therapist
(Please contact Angela Joiner or your child's school psychologist to schedule an appointment)