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To ensure our students have increased access to individual therapeutic intervention and social-emotional wellness, we partnered with MindPeace, a Cincinnati leader in school-based mental health services.

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Through our relationship with MindPeace, we recently partnered with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to provide families the choice of accessing quality mental health treatment services with a private therapist.

In October 2021, we welcomed Melynda Bowers. 

Melynda Bowers is a Licensed Independent Social Worker and received her Master’s in Clinical Social Work from Portland State University-Portland, Oregon. She has worked as a wilderness therapist in the mountains of New England, clinical counselor in an intensive outpatient day program, and therapist in both school and office settings, individually and in groups. She works with youth ages three and older, as well as adults, families, and groups. 

Ms. Bowers is available to provide private mental health treatment services on our campus. This allows families the choice of accessing a private therapist from a nationally renowned research hospital right here at Country Day. It also reduces the time students miss curricular activities to attend treatment sessions while eliminating the need for parents and students to travel to these appointments.

This optional and confidential service is in addition to the services already provided by Dr. Nikki Bishop-Kallmeyer, Alexis Nordrum, and Dr. Kathy Scheidler (see: The Team in the navigation to the left). 

Our school psychologists are excellent on-campus resources who can provide short-term interventions, accessibility, and consistency, but they are not licensed to provide and dictate mental health treatment. Our school psychologists will continue to provide social-emotional support, help students work through school-based issues, and assess if students need further treatment. They will also continue providing individual and group counseling.

Parents and faculty can contact our school psychologists to make student referrals for services with Ms. Bowers. The cost of therapy visits can be supplemented through insurance, Medicaid, or private pay options.

Students and their families have direct access to Ms. Bower's expertise to create another layer of support that strengthens the connections between home, school, and the community. Our hope is that by offering private therapy services on our campus, we are making it more convenient for students to access the services they need.

According to Angela Joiner, director of equity, diversity, inclusion & social emotional learning, “Our partnership with MindPeace increases our social-emotional wellness efforts, allows for more inclusive and equitable access, provides a greater level of collaboration between home and school, and supports a sustainable, evidence-based structure for comprehensive mental health services on our campus.”

For more information about this new service or any of our mental health services, please contact Angela Joiner at or 513-979-0309.


In conjunction with MindPeace, throughout the 2020-21 school year, the school collected data and did some deep listening with our stakeholders. This helped determine which mental health care provider was the best fit for our community.   

October 2020: Research process began, initial meeting with our three school psychologists and the executive director at MindPeace
November: Began gathering schoolwide data needed for MindPeace’s mental health needs assessment, to help potential mental health partners better understand our community’s needs  

December: Sent the confidential data report to MindPeace  

January: MindPeace hosted parent interviews and distributed a student survey at the middle school and upper school  

February: Faculty/staff meeting to discuss the MindPeace partnership and obtain input  

March: MindPeace completed the assessment and shared it with the head of school and leadership team, and met with members of the board of trustees  

April: Interview team convened to prep for partner organization interviews  

May: Conducting interviews with potential mental health partner organizations  

June: Partner selection announcement: Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center 

October: Therapist selection