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Microsoft Licensing

Under the terms of the Microsoft® Volume Licensing Enrollment for Education Solutions Subscription Agreement (EES) between Microsoft Corporation and Cincinnati Country Day School (CCDS), a student who graduates from CCDS and who is qualified for enrollment into college or university may be granted perpetual use rights for the Windows 10 Enterprise operating system licensed under the EES. Earlier versions of the Windows operating system are also covered. Perpetual use rights do not apply to access licenses, including client access licenses (CALs), and licenses to online services, including Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus. Perpetual use rights are granted as of the date of graduation and apply only to the copies of the licensed products installed on the graduate’s own CCDS Tablet PC. To transfer perpertual use rights, CCDS must provide the graduate with a license agreement and secure the graduate’s consent to its terms.

To be granted perpetual use rights, graduates or their designees must complete the following consent form using their own CCDS Tablet PCs in the presence of a member of the Technology Office staff.

Perpetual Use Rights Agreement

I, the undersigned graduate or my designee acknowledging on my behalf, state as follows:

  1. I will graduate or have graduated from CCDS at the end of the current academic year.
  2. I am qualified for enrollment into college or university.
  3. I have viewed the Microsoft Product Terms website at the foregoing link, and I consent to those terms.

Perpetual Use Rights Form


All fields are required for submission.

Technology Office staff member's initials.​
Name of the Country Day graduate.
Name of the individual acknowledging Microsoft's licensing terms on behalf of the graduate.​

By clicking “I Accept” I or my designee acknowledge and agree to the above statement/information under the title “Perpetual Use Rights Agreement.”

For questions, please contact the Technology Help Desk at or (513) 979-0214. See Licensing Resources and Documents for additional Microsoft licensing information.


To be considered for need-based tuition aid from Country Day, interested families must file the Parent Financial Statement (PFS) and upload all requested documents.

The form can be found at:

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