Environmental Impact

During the week of May 10, we welcomed construction vehicles to campus to begin the preparation work for our new turf field, track, and athletic entrance. We are excited about the improvement this field will bring to our athletes and our Lower School play space.  
As the construction team worked to enlarge our bio-swale, located near the lower school in the west woods, students observed several trees being cut down. For some students, this was a surprise and they wondered how this work would have an impact on their beloved play space and the wildlife habitat it provides.  
Our environmental commitment remains strong at Country Day, and we balance our school’s athletic improvements with sustainable choices. Here are some interesting facts to share with your kids: 

  • The in-fill on our turf field is not ground tire. We opted for NaturalPlay because it functions well for athletes, provides a cooler field, is environmentally friendly, and is non-allergenic. 

  • Our enlarged bio-swale will continue to absorb run-off from our parking lot, turf field, and track ensuring that the water will be slowed for filtration and cooling before it enters the Little Miami watershed. 

  • Our bio-swale will be planted with native grasses and forbs increasing habitat for wildlife. 

  • There will be an extensive removal of invasive plant species and upon completion of construction, our campus native canopy will increase as we continue to landscape with priority on native trees, shrubs, forbs and grasses. We will lose very few trees as we enlarge the bio-swale. We will gain over 70 trees. 

  • Our stadium will have new, energy efficient, LED stadium and bollard lighting with directed candle to limit light pollution.