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CCDX Week    

CCDX is an experiential learning week that takes place every March. From learning to code, building a ropes course, to podcasting and launching rockets, students learn a plethora of new skills during CCDX Week. All student from the ECC to the Upper School participate in dozens of unique courses offered throughout the week. Upper School students also co-lead courses. Both students and faculty are engaged in innovative learning and teaching programming - a hallmark of a Country Day education. 
See below for some of the fun we had during CCDX 2022 and click here for CCDX 2023. Visit this page, which was created by Country Day Enquirer students, for CCDX 2024 coverage. These Middle School students took to the task of reporting on CCDX Week activities! From shooting and editing their own videos to interviewing teachers and students to drafting copy to taking photos, the students worked solo and in groups to create stories. 
Naturalization Ceremony


Project Naturalization

Third grade students extended their knowledge of immigration by organizing and hosting a Naturalization Ceremony on campus. Representatives from Senator Sherrod Brown’s Office, Senator Rob Portman’s Office, Daughters of the American Revolution, Sons of the American Revolution, the American Red Cross, and more also participated in this special day. This is what CCDX Week is all about - making lifelong memories and learning about moments bigger than us. 50 applicants from all over became citizens in the Carey Family Amphitheater as students, staff, and faculty watched and cheered.

first grade


We Built This City

First grade students worked together to create a model city. Using teamwork and creativity, classes worked together to create small neighborhoods that they combined to create a bigger collaborative city. Using boxes, glue, paint, a visit or two to the makerspace, and anything else they could get their hands on, their cities came to life. 



Build a Canoe

Seventh and eighth grade students worked together to build a handmade canoe under the guidance of the Camping & Education Foundation. From making the frame to coating the paddle, are all part of the fun! The students got to see their hard work pay off with a field trip to Otto Armleder Park on the Little Miami River. 


Willow Lanterns

Willow Lanterns

Fifth and sixth grade students designed and created their own “withy” lantern made from willow branches and tissue paper complete with a with a warm glow from LED lights nestled inside. Students also explored mask making and other creative ways to use willow branches in every day art. 




Wilderness and Remote First Aid

Designed for wilderness enthusiasts, this Upper School course gave students the chance to learn advanced wilderness skills like triaging injuries, first aid training, and what to do in an emergency when out in the wild.


Motion Capture


Build a Motion Capture System

Taught by Terre Virzi '22, a group of students built, configured, installed, and documented an open source motion capture system. Using spare parts, the team built a PC, developed code, installed and deployed the system in three days tops. The results are priceless, see for yourself!