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The CCDS Makerspace invites students to design, tinker, create, innovate, experiment, learn, and play.

Students, faculty, and staff can use the makerspace with a class or for their own project ideas. Anyone who comes into the makerspace receives basic safety training and a quick overview of the available equipment and tools. More specific training is given to those who want to create with the Cricut smart cutting machine, 3D printers, foam board cutter, sewing machines, Dremel Laser Cutter, Bantam PCB Milling Machine, and other specialized equipment. 

“Making” projects can be low tech, high tech, and everywhere in between. Students and faculty have designed board games, prototypes for assistive technologies, coding projects, jewelry, t-shirt iron-ons, engineering prototypes, hands-on visuals for classes, 3D printed math art, and more.  The sky is the limit! 

The makerspace is funded partially by a generous gift from an alumnus through the Innovation and Design Fund. To learn more, click here.

Sample Projects

Creating a board game in 9th Grade English Class based on the "Odyssey"

Board games in the CCDS Makerspace

Intro to Computer Science classes work on final coding projects

Intro to Computer Science classes finalize coding projects in the CCDS MakerSpace